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IMBRA, "International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act" vs Constitutional Rights

We are not for the "Mail Order Bride Industry", and in fact we've always fought the greed and stigma it implies in our own way by providing listings and addresses free since we started in 1998. However, for men who chose to find a pen pal through a pay service, it should not be illegal and they should not lose their constitutional rights... so we are of course FOR protecting ladies but we are against IMBRA. IMBRA is a bad law designed by feminists to prevent US men from meeting foreign women, not protecting women at all. In fact they have stated in their rhetoric IMBRA is designed to put IMB's out of business so older US men cannot marry young, beautiful foreign women.

IMBRA laws, and the I-129F immigration forms, clearly defines an IMB as one who charges fees for contact information. We do not and never have. Religious pen pal sites, Yahoo and other mega dating sites are also exempt from IMBRA. (Do you smell a money trail there?) If you find a pen pal or wife wife through a free site like ours, it appears you are safe and not subject to IMBRA laws. We agree it's good to tell your prospective wife your complete background and criminal history if there is one. We provide links for the ladies to do background checks on men as well. We disagee with IMBRA wanting men to furnish complete background info to a woman BEFORE he even contacts her at all or even say "hi". It is not right to have to give all your personal information to strangers before can even say hello and find out if you may be compatible.

 From IMBRA 2005 law
(A) IN GENERAL. The term ''international marriage
broker'' means a corporation, partnership, business, individual,
or other legal entity, whether or not organized
under any law of the United States, that charges fees
for providing dating, matrimonial, matchmaking services,
or social referrals between United States citizens or
nationals or aliens lawfully admitted to the United States
as permanent residents and foreign national clients by
providing personal contact information or otherwise facilitating
communication between individuals.

(B) EXCEPTIONS. Such term does not include—
(i) a traditional matchmaking organization of a
cultural or religious nature that operates on a nonprofit
basis and otherwise operates in compliance with the
laws of the countries in which it operates, including
the laws of the United States; or
(ii) an entity that provides dating services if its
principal business is not to provide international dating
services between United States citizens or United
States residents and foreign nationals and it charges
comparable rates and offers comparable services to
all individuals it serves regardless of the individual's
gender or country of citizenship.

Quote from the I-129F form:
3. Compliance with the International MarriageBroker Regulation Act (IMBRA).
If you met your fiancé or spouse through the services of an international marriage broker, you must notify USCIS of that fact by answering Question 19 on this form. The term "international marriage broker" means a corporation, partnership, business, individual, or other legal entity, whether or not organized under any law of the United States, that charges fees for providing dating, matrimonial, matchmaking services, or social referrals between United States citizens or nationals or aliens lawfully admitted to the United States as lawful permanent residents and foreign national clients by providing personal contact information or otherwise facilitating communication between individuals. For additional IMBRA requirements, see items 4 and 9 of these instructions.

We charge no fees whatsoever to anyone, male or female, never have.
A warning from Jade and Rune Publishers!!!

To all ladies listed on our site, or any site, especially PAY SITES. IMPORTANT!

If you ever dreamed of marrying an American and immigrating to the USA, your dream may become a nightmare if your husband buys your contact information from a PAY WEBSITE instead of a free or religious website. In 2006 a US law called International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act (IMBRA) was snuck through congress by US feminists to prevent US men from marrying foreign brides. If your fiance or husband bought your address from a site or catalog that was not following IMBRA laws, the embassy and immigration officials will find out! Your petition to immigrate to the US with your new husband may be denied. That could lead to heartbreak in the future! Never allowed to live with your husband!

At Jade and Rune Publishers we are completely free and religious in nature, so exempt from strict IMBRA laws. We have many links to other free pen pal websites that are also exempt. We don't link with pay sites... to prevent heartbreak in the ladies listed with us. Pay sites only care about money, and most are not IMBRA compliant. The free sites care about YOU.

Read about US IMBRA laws at:

We have always encouraged ladies to LIST AT OTHER PLACES than us if they're serious to find a husband. We want to warn you not to use PAY SITES not IMBRA compliant if you ever hope to come to America. If going to other countries, don't worry about IMBRA laws.

Still, we suggest you go with FREE and religious sites to list yourself, not pay sites.

See free sites here and at:

May God bless and guide you into all wisdom. :-)

New USA IMBRA Law S. 1618 started March 6, 2006, read more on these sites below and help fight it!

IMBRA laws robbed US men of their rights. The IMBRA law was not designed to "protect" women from violence but an attempt by bitter, unwanted feminists to prevent men from meeting foreign wives. It will backfire and produce more animosity against women in the US though. Thanks for the unconstitutional IMBRA law goes to Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and her feminist N.O.W. cronies plus all your Senators and Representatives who unanimously approved the bill in a rush to get home for the holidays, regardless of your rights of Freedom of Association or Free Speech or privacy, also George Bush for signing it. Please write your "public servants" if you are a US male who hates his loss of freedom to chose someone other than a feminist for a wife.

Online Dating Rights

Veterans Abroad

New Mail Order Bride Law Imposes Tough New Abuse Protections for Brides, But Probably Violates Basic Rights of Privacy and Free Speech

International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 -- Welcomed by Big Internet Dating Companies Seeking to Corner the Foreign-Women Dating Market-(they stand to make big $$)

Click to tell Senator Maria Cantwell what you think of her and feminists.
If you chose to BOYCOT Washington state products and services tell her that too.
Visit the N.O.W. website and give them a piece of you mind.

Maybe the US government knows what is best for us and it's good they took our rights away from us. After all, we know we can trust the US government. Just ask any American Indian!

The US government broke every treaty they ever made with the American Indians. "They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept but one: they promised to take our land and they took it..." - Luther Standing Bear-Sioux

Famous quotations from American Indians the US govenment wronged at these links:

Chief Joseph - Nez Pierce (1840-1904)

Quotes from many Native Americans

Now the US government has the brass to tell other countries how to treat their people regarding human rights? The US should apoligize to its Native Americans, as Australia recently did to its Aborigines, for all the mistreatment and abuse. The US should honor its words and treaties, give back stolen Indian reservations at the very least, especially return the Black Hills Reservation and the Wallowa Reservation to the Indians!

How this crazy IMBRA law started, based on lies...

Promoters of the INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGE BROKER REGULATION ACT strategically link international matchmaking organizations with human trafficking rings in effort to gain bipartisan support.

Strategic linking of marriage brokers with human trafficking rings aids in gaining bipartisan support for law intent on eliminating international matchmaking companies and websites.

(PRWEB) July 4, 2004 -- To gain bipartisan support for the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, we endorse the strategies of (1) using "womens' protection" as the main theme of the law; and (2) claiming that American-based marriage brokers are part of global human trafficking rings, however unfounded.

We also support provisions of the Act that will require brokers to conduct large quantities of consent verifications and background checks before American men can write love letters or make any contact with foreign women. These provisions will make it very difficult for American-based marriage brokers to organize those disgusting overseas introduction "parties" where women outnumber men 100 to 1. These provisions will also drive up costs to the point of putting most brokers out of business. In addition, this law effectively places "warning labels" on American men thus decreasing demand for them among foreign women over time.

Although this law is long overdue (and hopefully not too late), we welcome the Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2003 as a means to regulating the often arrogant and brazen international marriage broker industry. This industry has gone from the fringe to the mainstream. The American male population is now overly exposed to the message that it is acceptable to desire and actually marry women "unspoiled" by American materialism and most troubling, "uninfected" by American feminism. This message may impede the progress of feminism here at home and give American men the idea that it is acceptable to not respect feminist principles that took so long to instill upon them.

The marriage broker websites promulgate the "message" that American men are highly desirable outside the U.S. and can have access to women not intent on upholding over 30 years of hard won womens' rights. These sites also offensively elaborate on the reasons for rejecting American women as part of a campaign to promote the desirablity of foreign women. We find this to be most appalling.

Certainly, the existence of this industry is indicative of the sad state of romantic relationships between men and women in North America; however, it by no means should be allowed to continue unregulated. Sites such as and are problematic enough.

From Online Dating Rights...


The "Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act" of 1996 (IIRIRA) required a study of "mail order marriages". In 1999 a Report was released "International matchmaking Organizations: A Report to Congress" which included quantative data (from INS records) on abuse or marriage fraud involved in relationships between US citizens and foreign women faciliatated by Internatonal matchmaking (dating) agencies.

(Page 14, second paragraph): ..."In 1993 that 7% of American women who were married or living with someone are physically abused in a years time" and it is usually assumned by "experts " that the incidence is higher in mail order mariages".

(Page 15, second paragraph): "Less than 1 % of the abuse cases now being brought to the attention of the INS can be attributed to the mail order bride industry".

The narrative information supplied by so called "experts" is biased coming from groups like the Tahirih Justice Center with their one sided radical agenda using "twisted" logic. However statistical data (compiled by INS) represents unbiased and objective information.

(Page 17, third paragraph): "Concern about Imigration fraud and domestic violence involving foreign - born spouses is well founded, but the administrative sources of information available to INS for this study failed to establish that the International matchmaking industry contributes in any significant way to these problems".

Spurred by stories of foreign women being abused by their American husbands proponents drafted legislation in 2003 to protect foreign women from violence with legislation aimed at "International matchmaking organizations"and their clients.

The highly controversial law was unable to attract much legislative in the beginning so they became desperate using a strategy of fraud and deception.

First they changed the name from "International Matchmaking Organizations" to "International Marriage Broker" (IMB) purposely setting a negative tone ( falsely) incinuating these companies were involved something illicit.. selling women. (which they aren't).

Secondly they manufactured an illusionary problem that US based marriage agencies were correlated to human trafficking rings by issuing a press release:

On July 13, 2004 Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) testified under oath that US marriage agencies were the "Nexis between human trafficking" in spite of her knowledge of the 1999 INS study (mentioned above) showing no such correlation.

Furthermore Diane Post, Director of Systems Advocacy for the Az. Coalition Against Domestic Violence said she could not list one example of an American based marriage agency that was even accused of human trafficking.

The third step was to greatly exaggerate the amount of abuse involved in these International marriages faciliated by a marriage broker. Proponents including the Tahirih Justice Center wrote up the IMBRA pre amble the basis for the law. Go to "Sec. 2" , "(5)"

Page 2 ... " 49.3% of immigrants reported physical abuse by an intimate partner during their lifetime..."

This statement is a severe misrepresentation of facts with statistics borowed from "Offering a helping hand: legal protections for battered immigrant women", page 17

...a study of abuse rates of hispanic women in the DC area none of whom had met their husbands through an International mariage broker and therefore has no relavance to a law that regulates clients of International marriage brokers.

The fourth step was to use propaganda to stir up reaction/ anger getting the politicans "fired up" in order for politicans to do something about their "manufactured problem" of high abuse and human trafficking problems they correlated (falsely) to marriage brokers. Human trafficking is an emotional subject and the sponsors knew this. The logic of regulating IMB's however has about as much logic as going fly fishing for trout in the Sahara desert.(IMB's are not involved in trafficking as noted above).

For several years IMBRA on its own had failed to pass due to its constitutional questions. In late 2005 sponsors proposed a solution to their "Manufactured problem" of human trafficking correlated to IMB's by attaching IMBRA (formely a "dud" legislation) onto a wonderful law the "Violence Against Womens Act" up for renewal and easily expected to pass. The law was passed on Dec. 17, 2005 by an undemocratic and unrecorded voice vote (is this even legal?) with no debate and no questions answered like an old Soviet Politburo.

March 2006- This law was so controversial that a (African American... highly respected) Federal judge (Clarence Cooper) issued a Temporary restraining order for one company, European Connections. Several weeks later another group of marriage agencies was denied a TRO by a judge in Dayton, Ohio. The TRO was denied in writing citing "Americans have no fundamental interest" in contacting a person from a foreign country (Stalin would have applauded this!!!). IMBRA has broad and far reaching implications for the basic liberties of all Americans.

On June 10, 2006 Dave Root of Damascus, Maryland wrote an article in the Cumberland (MD) Times

The Tahirih Justice Center's (the lead proponent of IMBRA) responded to my article falsely concocting a story that abuse rates in International marriages were approximately "3 times higher than in the general US population".

(Tahirih Justice Center (TJC) used deception to get this passed and now they have to defend themselves after the law has already been passed.) They are supposedly a non profit organization and yet they are involved in the political process writing IMBRA and other laws. Apparently they showed up at the TRO hearing for European Connections with 3 lawyers (goons) trying to intimidate the African American judge. They presented a 99 page court brief!

TJC also intervened at the Dayton, Ohio TRO case.

TJC is out of control. They are like the judge, jury and executioner. How can the government continue to allow them to be so heavily involved in the political and judical process lobbying heavily while maintaining a NON profit status with the IRS. They recently received a $300,000 grant from the Federal government to continue their agression against legitimate companies and individuals who haven't done anything wrong!

When an Immigrant woman in the area gets abused TJC intervenes so agressively it makes you wonder if they are manufacturing crimes of abuse. 3 weeks ago the Latvian wife of a Senatorial candidate in Maryland, Mrs. Dickerson claimed she was raped and abused by her husband. As soon as the story broke TJC contacted the media (WJLA TV in Washington DC) exaggerating abuse rates of clients of mariage brokers (suggesting a 30%-50% rate of abuse) in spite of the fact they did not meet through a marriage broker. Some people even suggested that Ms.Dickerson was "coached" by TJC to get her husband upset so she could file abuse charges so she could get pernament resident status. (click on e video at the top)

On August 11, 2005 the news media announced that all charges were dropped against Mr.Dickerson and TJC was nowhere to be seen (I wonder why!)

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