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Remember, most all the ladies on our site look MUCH better in real life than their small snapshots show. Before you reject a lady, because of her appearance in these photos, write and ask her for current pictures. Also, if you are not of the age, race, nationality, religion or whatever she asks for, try anyway! Just write, you only risk a stamp and she will usually be more flexible than she said when first listing herself.

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Arlene, Born ?, Education: College level. Describes herself: single, no children, slim, likes traveling. She does not smoke or drink. Seeking: a good husband. We will try to get an age and more info.

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Cybelle, Born : 1980, Height 5', Weight 125 lbs., Catholic, single, no children. Education: College graduate, work: Physical Therapist. Describes herself: friendly, black hair, easy to approach. She does not smoke or drink. Likes: friendly, hiking, sight seeing, views, cooking, helping people. Dislikes: cruel, naggers. Seeking: a good Christian man who is about 30-50 years old and is a one woman man, willing to help with others, close to God. Prefers non-smoker and non-drinker.

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Jennifer, Born 2-15-1970, Height 5', Weight 110 lbs., Catholic, separated, 3 children. Education: Accountant Graduate, current work: senior sales processor. Describes herself: mestiza - Chinese/Spanish blood. She does not smoke or drink. Hobbies: cooking, dancing, reading magazines, playing badminton. Seeking: a good man, age and religion not too important as long as he will love me for a lifetime. Prefers non-smoking and non-drinking.
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Ester, Born 7-28-1964, Height 5'1", Weight 120 lbs., Philippine Independent Church, single, never married, no children. Education: College graduate, current work: office employee. Describes herself: humble, black hair, brown complexion. She does not smoke or drink. Likes: traveling. Dislikes: bad guys. Hobbies: watching movies, TV. Seeking: a good man, any religion, who is about 40-50 years old and is caring, a good person, caring, humble and can be trusted. Prefers non-smoking and non-drinking.
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Divina, Born 11-29-1980, Height 5', Weight 45 kilos, Catholic, single, never married, no children. Education: College level. Describes herself: I am honest, faithful, understanding, considerate, sweet, loving, affectionate and romantic. She does not smoke, drinks a little bit of beer but just on occasions. Likes: outings, shopping, traveling. Dislikes: bad guys. Hobbies: I love painting, drawings, dancing, singing. Seeking: a man who is about 30-55 years old and is a man of virtue, honest, sweet, passionate, romantic, affectionate and faithful. No specific religion preferred.


Nilfa, Born July 1, 1967; Height 5'1"; Weight 130 lbs.; Roman Catholic; single mom with a twenty year old son and a twenty-one year old daughter (2010); College Undergraduate; not working at time of publication. She describes herself as a filipina beauty who is faithful, loyal, caring, understanding, a one-man woman, and honest. She does not smoke or drink. She likes those who are humble, generous, kind-hearted, loving, family-oriented, caring, and honest. She dislikes those who are boastful, self-centered, or rude. her hobbies are cooking, gardening, and going to the gym. She wishes to meet a man who is between 43 to 60 years of age. He should be caring, honest, kind-hearted, generous, understanding, responsible, and someone who will truly love her and accept everything about her. She will accept a man of any religion. She prefers to meet a man who does not smoke or drink. Her comment is, "If you like me, then email me. If you are seeking a lifetime partner in life, then it might be you who I am looking for." Biliran

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Melody, Born: 8-28-1980, Christian. Comments: I'm looking for one sincere and loving person for an infinite, loving relationship. Must be non-smoker and non-drinker, and a matured Christian. Anna know more about me? Take pleasure in writing me.... God bless... More power to jaderune website.
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Jenalee, Born Oct. 19, 1985, Height 5'4", Weight 90 lbs., Iglesia Ni Cristo; SINGLE, never married, no children; she is a working student, and employed at a McDonalds. Jenalee describes herself as petite and having very long hair. She is sweet, thoughtful, a loving person, fun to be with, and a jolly person. She does smoke and she does drink. She likes chocolates, flowers, teddy bears, and people who are sweet and thoughtful. She dislikes those who are arrogant, and she also dislikes anything that makes her mad. Jenalee's hobbies are watching movies, playing billiards, hanging out with her friends, and bar-hopping and clubbing. She is looking for a man between the ages of 25 to 35 years of age. She wants to meet a gentle man, a nice man, someone who can make her smile, someone fun to be with, and someone who can accept her in every way. She wants to have a serious relationship with a man who will truly love her and respect her. Jenalee prefers a man who is also a INC (Iglesia Ni Cristo), but she will accept any other religion. It is not important if a man smokes or drinks. Her comment is, " Please help me to find a man who can truly love me and respect me and my family. Thanks a lot....More blessings to come..." Luzon area (Metro Manila)

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Gemma, Born: 5-14-1973, Height: 5'3", Weight: 100 lbs., Roman Catholic, never married, one child: a boy. Education: College level. Describes herself: simple, attractive, honest and loving. She does not smoke or drink. Hobbies: singing, cooking and dancing. Likes: good, honest, thoughtful and faithful people. Dislikes: people who do not respect others. I'm seeking a good man who is about 30 to 60 years old and his qualities are: see my likes above, any religion is okay. Prefers non-smoking and non-drinking men.
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Cheryl Unico
Date Born: June 22, 1984
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 56 kilos
Religion: Pentecostal
Ever married? Not yet
Current marital status? Single
Do you have any children? Yes
If yes, are they Boys or Girls, and their ages? One girl who is 8 years old.
Your Education Level completed? College Level
Languages Spoken: English, Visayan, Tagalog
(Please rate your English proficiency/fluency level as poor/fair/good/excellent) Good
Do you Work?
If yes, then doing what?
Describe yourself by listing your qualities and personality traits: I am a simple
woman, but good by heart, who extremely believes God above everything. I am a flexible person
you can easily deal with. I am fun to be with and a good listener. I'm an outdoor type of person, and I love nature very much. I feel that the beach is a good place to unwind, and I like to travel if I get the chance. I like seeing new faces, meeting new friends, and experiencing new events in life which will be cherished forever.
Do you smoke? No
Do you drink alcohol? No
Your Likes: Books!!! They are one of my past times where I can find peace of mind. I like to travel to new places, and I love watching movies, most especially when you get to learn lot of things about love and about life if it is factual or reality based.
Your Dislikes: We're not born perfect. We have our own flaws, but that doesn't mean that we're
given the opportunity to judge people.
Your Hobbies: I'm a bookworm type of person. I can't live without books. With sports,
I love badminton.
Complete this sentence, and list the characteristics and qualities that you wish a man to have:
I'm seeking a good man who is about 30 to 70 years old who is responsible and mature
enough to handle a long term relationship, and who will treat me with unconditional love
that every woman dreams to have. I wish to meet a man who will love me not just for who I am, but also for what I am. I want to meet a man who values the importance of family, no matter how tough life gets, or how happy life can be along the way.
What religion do you prefer a man to be? Any
Do you prefer a nonsmoking man? No
Do you prefer a nondrinking man? No
Your Comments: Thank you Jade and Rune for this amazing website! It's a perfect website
for a woman like me who seeks love. There is a man I'm destined to be with, and who knows...maybe I' will meet him here. More Power to you and to this site. Godbless!
Province? Misamis Oriental
Date Profile Added? October 20, 2013

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