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Filipina friends of friends and/or ladies from the internet. Remember, most all the ladies on our site look MUCH better in real life than their small snapshots show. Before you reject a lady, because of her appearance in these photos, write and ask her for current pictures. Also, if you are not of the age, race, nationality, religion or whatever she asks for, try anyway! Just write, you only risk a stamp and she will usually be more flexible than she said when first listing herself.
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Katherine P. Ello, Born February 25, 1978; Height 5'1"; Weight 48 kilos; Roman Catholic; single, never married, no children, but wishes to have some someday; a BS Nursing Graduate and as a Registered Nurse; employed managing her family's small business. She describes herself as a work in progress. Foremost, when it comes to work, she is very serious, and she likes to pay attention to details and follow the rules most of the time. She is not a perfectionist, but tries to be spontaneous and flexible in any situations that she is in. She values other people's time, and that is why she likes others to value her time. She is not someone who speaks up, or makes a big deal out of a situation. According to her friends, she looks reserved, but she is cool and talkative with her family and friends. There are some instances that she tends to be patronizing, and she has accepted that as just being herself. She does not like to leave a bad impression on people. She is shy, and she finds it difficult to approach strangers. Some people say that she is very transparent, and her anger is evident when she gets pissed-off. She easily gets stressed when things go wrong, but she deals with it in silence most of the time, and she deals with it with prayer. She and her family are very traditional, and they are very close. She still lives with her parents and twin sister and two brothers. Her idea of fun is karaoke night with her family and the staff of their shop on a Friday night. She grew up in a sheltered home, and living in the protected environment of her family home has convinced her of that. She has spent some time alone and being independent when she worked abroad. She likes children, and she is proud to be the Godmother of two adorable boys and four cute girls She likes everything to be in order, but she is not a 'neat freak'. She loves staying at home in her free time, and she likes to read online, and send emails. She is not much of a cook, but she is useful around the house. She has many friends, but only a few very close ones. She is thoughtful, caring, honest, and she loves to travel, and capture moments by taking photographs. She does not smoke or drink. She likes people who are nice, honest, loving, respectful, God-fearing, and responsible. She dislikes rudeness and dishonesty. Her hobbies are watching movies (any except horror), and singing in the karaoke. She likes to surf the net, and send emails, and read romantic novels. She wishes to meet a man who is between 33 to 50 years of age, and who wishes to have a serious relationship, perhaps leading to a lasting commitment. She wants a man who treats every relationship as serious, and who is honest, loving, and who wants tradition, and everything that entails. He should value family. She prefers to meet a man who does not have any kids because her life is not complicated, and being with a man who has children is complicated to her. But she likes doubt. She wants a man who is respectful to others, and responsible, a good listener, not rude, and whose imperfections are tolerable. She prefers to meet a Roman Catholic. She prefers to meet a man who does not smoke or drink. her comment is: "I came across this site, courtesy of a referral from a friend who met the love of her life through this website. Just hoping I will find mine here." Misamis Oriental

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Ramie U. Marganias, Born 5-7-1984, Height 5'1", Weight 55 kilos, Catholic, single. Education: High School. She does not smoke or drink. Likes: caring, loving, responsible, God fearing. Dislikes: irresponsible, liars. Hobbies: volleyball, TV, badminton. Seeking: a good man who is about 25-40 years old who is loving, caring, thoughtful, honest and God fearing. No preference as to religion, smoking or drinking.
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Genilyn Pelit, Born 11-21-1980, Height 5'2", Weight 90 lbs., Catholic, never married. Education: College. Working in a five star hotel in Cebu and I will manage this. Describes herself: fair complexion, oval face, long black hair, simple and professional. She does not smoke, does drink sometimes if there is an occasion but not too much. Likes: honest, loving, understanding, faithful, caring. Dislikes: dishonest, drunkard, boastful, snooty person as well as hater of mankind. Hobbies: singing, dancing, mountain climbs, reading books, gardening, doing household chores and most especially I love cooking. Seeking: a good man of any religion who is about 40-60 years old and is understanding, loving, caring, honest and a one woman man. He should be able to love me for what I am, be open minded, obedient and most of all humble. Smoking or drinking doesn't matter if I love him.

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Winnie Delmo Carpio, Born May 12, 1983; Height 5'6"; Weight 51 lbs.; Roman Catholic; single, never married, no children; College Graduate; employed as a caretaker. She describes herself as petite, and she has a fair complexion, and below shoulder-level black hair. She says that she is somehow more conservative on the inside, and she is down-to-earth, loving, and family-oriented. She is thoughtful and caring to her loved ones, friendly, and funny. Sometimes she is stubborn, and she loves singing, dancing, and reading novels. She does not smoke or drink. She likes those who are loving, faithful, caring, understanding, and family-oriented. She dislikes those who are unfaithful or irresponsible. Her hobbies are reading novels, and medical books, singing, dancing, star gazing, and watching sunsets. She is seeking a man who is between 40 to 60 years of age who is fun-loving, faithful, family-oriented, and responsible. She is looking for a man who is sweet, funny, faithful, responsible, and understanding. She prefers to meet a Catholic or a Christian. She prefers to meet a man who does not smoke, and a social drinker is acceptable. Her comment is, "I hope to find a nice person here in this pen pal site. Thank you very much, and more power!"

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Leonora Berdon, Born 2-22-1971, Height: 5'4", Weight: 50 kilos, Catholic, never married, no children. Education: Computer Science. Describes herself: I have a slim body, I'm simple, brown and fair complexion. She does not smoke or drink. Hobbies: reading, going to the beach, going to movies, dancing, cooking. Likes: I like babies, honest, loving and understanding man and to be treated like a baby. Dislikes: moody persons. I'm seeking a good man who is about 30 to 60 years old and his qualities are: honest, understanding, to have the same likes and characteristics as I do. Preferred religion: Christian. Prefers nonsmoking, non-drinking not so important: I'm willing to answer anytime, just email me.

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Irish C. Rico, Born 11-27-1984, Height 5'2", Weight 120 lbs., Catholic, single. Describes herself: a Filipina beauty, beautiful but plain, beautiful personality, outgoing, serious, good sense of humor, friendly, talkative, happy, caring, loving, honest, thoughtful, understanding, hard working, faithful, loyal, romantic, intelligent, a one-man-woman, adventurous. Hobbies: music, singing, dancing, housework, cooking, gardening, outings, volleyball. Seeking: a good Catholic man who is about 40-58 years old and is caring, loving, honest, understanding, faithful and happy.

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Mary Cris B. Millan, Born 4-10-1980, Height 5'1", Weight 100 lbs., Catholic, single, never married, no children. Education: College Level. Describes herself: Filipina beauty, short black hair, honest, loyal, no boy friend. She does not smoke or drink. Likes: not so tall, responsible and loving. Dislikes: irresponsible. Hobbies: gardening, writing and listening to the radio. Seeking: a good Catholic man who is about 25-30 years old and is responsible and a gentleman. Prefers non-smoker and non-drinker.
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Johanna Marie Dinolang Avenido, Born: 6-8-1980, Height: 52, Weight: 40 kilos, Roman Catholic, never married, no children .Education: College Graduate Notre Dame of Dadiangas College Commerce Work: Office Administrator. Describes herself: I am outgoing and friendly. I want to live life to the full.. I graduated in commerce and currently work as an administrator of a small office. I also have a number of my own business interests. I wish to correspond with a professional man who is responsible and has a good sense of humor with an interest in a life-long relationship. She does not smoke or drink. Hobbies: My interests include meeting people, travel, learning new things, dancing and creative cooking. Likes: Meeting friendly and interesting people. Dislikes: Negative people. I'm seeking a good man who is about 25 to 45 years old and his qualities are: Responsible, sincere with a good sense of humor. Preferred religion: Open. Prefer non-smoking? YES. Prefer non-drinking? Moderate or social OK.

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Elvira E. Layos, Born 2-21-1976, Height 5'2", Weight 120 lbs., Catholic, single, never married, no children. Education: University. Describes herself: long hair, black eyes, smiling face, good attitudes, mole on the right and left side, not so beautiful. She does not smoke or drink. Likes: I like honesty, good friends. Dislikes: dishonesty, irresponsible, liars. Hobbies: volleyball, swimming, dancing, jogging and reading. Seeking: a good man of any religion who is about 40-50 years old. He must be single, not so handsome, willing to come see me, honest, loving and caring. No preference about smoking or drinking.
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Vivian Villamor, Born 11-23-1965, Height 5'4", Weight 115 lbs., vital statistics 34-27-35, Catholic, never married, no children. She does not smoke or drink. Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, job: branch manager in cosmetics department. Likes: honest person, humble, understanding, caring, loving. Dislikes: I don't like plastic attitudes, irritable, arrogant and proud. Hobbies: reading, cooking, marketing, listening to music, travel etc. Seeking: a good Christian or Catholic man who is good, kind, loving, caring, simple and responsible and most of all have faith in God.... .
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