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Filipina friends of friends and/or ladies from the internet. Remember, most all the ladies on our site look MUCH better in real life than their small snapshots show. Before you reject a lady, because of her appearance in these photos, write and ask her for current pictures. Also, if you are not of the age, race, nationality, religion or whatever she asks for, try anyway! Just write, you only risk a stamp and she will usually be more flexible than she said when first listing herself.
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Mary Jane Areja, Born 6-5-1982, Height 5', Weight 50 kilos, Catholic, single, never married, no children. Education: High School. Work: Mitsumi Corp. in Cebu. Describes herself: I have black hair and black eyes. I'm a simple girl, friendly, not so beautiful but I have a good attitude that makes you interested. She does not smoke or drink. Likes: honest, friendly, understanding. Dislikes: flirts, boasting. Hobbies: writing pen friends, reading my Bible and most especially singing. Seeking: a good man about 35-60 years old who has a good attitude, is friendly, honest and responsible to have a family.

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Florianne Cantos Dano, Born 12-24-1976, Height . 5', Weight 115 lbs., Catholic, single. Education: College level. Work: babysitter overseas in UAE. Describes herself: a Filipina beauty, cute, presentable, chubby, quiet, serious, good sense of humor, friendly, shy, happy, caring, loving, honest, thoughtful, understanding, hard working, faithful, loyal, romantic, studious, polite, a one-man-woman, scientific. Hobbies: music, singing, dancing, movies, TV, reading, writing, housework, cooking, gardening, nature, swimming, biking. Seeking: a good Catholic man who is about 28-35 years old and is hardworking, honest, understanding, respectful, polite, faithful, thoughtful, good sense of humor, knows how to handle a family and has faith in God.

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April P. Sungahid, Born 4-11-1982, Height:5'2", Weight: 72 kilos, Roman Catholic, never married, no children. Education: College Graduate, Major in Economics. Describes herself: I am simple, honest, understanding, I love to watch movies, go out with friends, I am a person who values the family. I am a friendly person who easily gets along well with other people. I am moody occasionally and I easily get jealous. When I love, I love the guy with all my heart. I am patient and can control my anger when it can still be handled. I am a hopeless romantic person. She does not smoke, only drinks occasionally. Hobbies: I love to read books, all kinds as long as I like it. I love to watch movies, go out with friends. Likes: I like people who are honest, friendly, loving, caring and understanding. I like a person who is willing to accept for who I am, a person who would love me dearly no matter what... a person who doesn't smoke and who don't drink. I like a person who is patient, a person who wouldn't hurt his wife if ever. To wrap it all, I want a guy who can stand by me in the storm. Dislikes: I hate men who hit women, who is cruel, dishonest, a person who has no principles, a person who is not real to what he truly feels, a guy who has many pretensions, a guy who is not loving. I'm seeking a good man who is: who is loving, who would love me dearly. A guy who can protect me from any kind of danger, a man who is willing to help if its needed, who would understand me, love me and care for me, a person who good in and out. Preferred age between 25 and 35 years old. Preferred religion: Christian/Catholic. Prefers nonsmoking and nondrinking.

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DONA CAELIS B. PIL, Born: 4-2-1974, Height: 5'2", Weight: 115 lbs., Catholic. never married, no children. Education: Computer Secretarial. Work: Businesswoman. Describes herself: I'm a fond, loving woman, caring, patient, beautiful inside and outside. She does not smoke or drink. Likes: honest, responsible, caring and loving. Dislikes: liars, unfaithful. Hobbies: cooking, traveling, outing with friends. I'm seeking a good man who is about 35 to 55 years old, any religion okay. No preference about smoking or drinking.

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Wilma Galope
Date Born: January 05, 1992
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 49 kilos
Religion: Roman Catholic
Ever married? none
Current marital status? Single
Do you have any children?
If yes, are they Boys or Girls?
Your Education Level?: College Level
Do you Work? (If yes, then doing what?): Studying
Describe yourself: Simple, Loving, God fearing, honest, responsible and understanding, i love making friends with others, i spare most of my time listening music, studying and helping my mother in some ways.. and i am really concern with other peoples needs. sometimes i am confuse with things which i wanted to...
Do you smoke? nope
Do you drink alcohol? not at all
Your Likes: good
Your Dislikes: bad
Your Hobbies: as what i have said earlier i love spending time with my family and sparing most of my time with music... and sometimes i love hanging out my my buddies, when i am upset i need someone to talk to and make me laugh. and i always go to church
Complete this sentence: I'm seeking a good man who is about _30_ to __40_ years old who s responsible, accept me as me, God fearing of course, and someone who loves me faithfully without any limitation and lastly someone who is very kind hearted.."
Preferred religion: any as long as he believes in God
Do you prefer a nonsmoking man? yes of course
Do you prefer a nondrinking man? yupp
Your Comments:
i just hope i meet the right person or a right man for me...
Province: Bohol

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Liezel Ann D. Aruelo, Born: 11-27-1986, Height: 5"2", Weight: 51 kilos, Born Again Christian. Liezel has not been married and has no children. Education: High School graduate. Work: Presently a college student. Describes herself: Liezel has long hair. She is simple, honest, understanding and sweet. Liezel neither drinks nor smokes. Hobbies include singing and playing volleyball and badminton. She's seeking a good man who is honest, kind, understanding, responsible, caring and most important... God-fearing. He would neither drink nor smoke. The requisite faith is Bible Christianity.(sent in by someone who met her there and knows her).

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Juvy Nueva, Born 11-8-1972, Height 5'2", Weight 110 lbs., Catholic, single, never married, no children. Education: High School. Describes herself: black hair and eyes, brown complexion, a Filipina beauty, loving, caring, understanding, honest. She does not smoke or drink. Likes: eating, watching TV, staying at home. Dislikes: outing without purpose. Hobbies: cleaning the house, cooking. Seeking: a religious man who is about 40-50 years old and is a non-smoker, non-drinker, has a good attitude, is caring, loving, honest and thoughtful.

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Jonnah Mae G. Repohdon, Born 7-6-1985, Height 5'1", Catholic, single. Education: High School. Describes herself: I'm a simple girl with brown skin, long black hair and smiling. She does not smoke or drink. Likes: honest, understanding, smiling. Dislikes: dishonest person. Hobbies: reading pocketbooks. Seeking: a good husband who is about 30-50 years old. A man who is not so old, understanding and make me happy forever in my life. No specific religion listed.
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Rodita N. Salea, Born 5-22-1984, Height 5'4", Weight 50 kilos, Catholic, never married, no children. Education: High School. Describes herself: shy but friendly, loving, caring and understanding. She does not smoke, does drink "maybe sometimes". Likes: room full of people that love me, traveling and parties. Dislikes: places that have lots of garbage, negative thinking. Hobbies: I am a music lover, I also like reading magazines, and cooking. Seeking: a good man of any religion who is about 25-29 years old and is responsible, loving, respectful, and most of all understanding.
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Leizel Matbagon, Born 11-26-1979, Height: 5'1", Weight: 100 lbs., Roman Catholic, single, never been married. Education: College Graduate (registered teacher). Work: Teacher. Describes herself: Well I'm fun to be with, caring, faithful, thoughtful, God fearing, home buddy, I go to church regularly, romantic, affectionate and when I love someone I stick on him only. I don't smoke and I drink only in very, very special occasions. I'm the eldest and I have 1 sister and 1 brother. I like people who have a sense of humor, honest, God fearing, faithful, caring, thoughtful, fun to be with, generous, sincere and loving above all. I don't like people who are boisterous and dishonest. I preferred a man at the age of 28 to 35 and he should be a responsible man in terms of family life.
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