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Filipina friends of friends and/or ladies from the internet. Remember, most all the ladies on our site look MUCH better in real life than their small snapshots show. Before you reject a lady, because of her appearance in these photos, write and ask her for current pictures. Also, if you are not of the age, race, nationality, religion or whatever she asks for, try anyway! Just write, you only risk a stamp and she will usually be more flexible than she said when first listing herself.
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Josephine Verano
Date Born: October 13, 1980
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 55 kilos
Religion: Roman Catholic
Ever married? No
Current marital status? Single
Do you have any children? No
If yes, are they Boys or Girls, and their ages?
Your Education Level completed? Yes
Languages Spoken: Tagalog, English
(Please rate your English proficiency/fluency level as poor/fair/good/excellent) Fair
Do you Work? Yes
If yes, then doing what? Respiratory therapist
Describe yourself by listing your qualities and personality traits: Simple, humble, hardworking, patient, and trustworthy.
Do you smoke? No
Do you drink alcohol? No
Your Likes: God-fearing, respectful, responsible, and humble.
Your Dislikes: Irresponsible, and backfighters
Your Hobbies: Watching TV, reading celebrity magazines, and listening to music.
Complete this sentence, and list the characteristics and qualities that you wish a man to have: I'm seeking a good man who is about 33 to _45 years old who is ...
What religion do you prefer a man to be? Christian
Do you prefer a nonsmoking man? Yes
Do you prefer a nondrinking man? Yes
Your Comments: Thank you so much.
Province? Metro Manila
Date Profile Added? August 19, 2012




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Cathy Bacalso, Born 10-10-1979, Height 5'2", Weight 110 lbs., Catholic, never married, no children. Education: High School. Work: electronics production worker. She does not smoke or drink. Likes: I like music, movies, TV, reading books, spending time with my family and going to church every Sunday. Dislikes: people being loud and drunk. Hobbies: not many, I work a lot. Seeking a good man who is about 30-45 years old who is family oriented, hard working and has a stable job and would like to have children. Prefers a nonsmoker, any religion okay as long as he goes to church. Cebu.

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Charilyn Lumiares, Born 11-21-1986, Height 5'4", Weight 100 lbs., Seventh Day Adventist, never married, no children. Education: College. Work: factory worker. Describes herself: slim, long hair, honest and beautiful. She does not smoke or drink. Likes: understanding, loving, honest, kind hearted. Dislikes: boastful, liar and naughty. Seeking a good man who is about 20-40 years old and is loving, understanding and honest. No preference as to religion, smoking or drinking. Comments: I am willing to get married if there is someone who is really interested in me. Parañaque.

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Narissa O. Larita, Born 9-21-1983, Height 5'3", Weight 120 lbs., Catholic, never married, no children. Work: Sales girl. She does not smoke, may have a drink on special occasions only. Likes: responsible man, humble, religious, honest, approachable, nice one and God fearing man. Dislikes: rude, pretender, boastful, idiot/stupid, arrogant and dishonest. Hobbies: reading pocketbooks, writing, playing volleyball, table tennis, Tae Kwon Do, cooking, and I really love to travel anywhere in the world. Seeking a good man who is about 25-60 years old who is responsible, broadminded, caring, honest, faithful, approachable, humble, has a good sense of humor, is God fearing and can spend his love @ life with me, as simple as me. Hope someone wants to reply my letter who has a pure heart, is sincere, a good man who has a humble personality. Comments: To Jaderune, thank you for helping us to find a good partner in life in the way of publishing. More and more power to all the staff and God bless us all. Cebu City

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Muriam E. Lofranco, Born 8-26-1978, Height 4'11", Weight 50 kilos, Catholic, never married, no children. Describes herself: I'm simple I want to married someday to a foreigner. She does not smoke or drink. Hobbies: writing, reading books, cooking. Seeking a good man who is about 40 or above and is honest, loving, caring and understanding. Bohol



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Pamela B. Paligutan, Born 4-4-1984, Height 5'4", Weight 114 lbs., Catholic, never married, separated with two children: boys. Education: High School. Work: business woman. Describes herself: long hair, brown eyes, fair complexion, kind, honest and understanding. She does not smoke or drink. Likes: God fearing, honest, caring, understanding, kind and generous. Dislikes: arrogant. Hobbies: singing and dancing. Seeking a good man who is about 37-45 years old and has a good personality with a good heart and can accept my children and past life. Makati City

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Maria Girlie Batarilan, Born , Height 5'4", Weight 110 lbs., Catholic, never married, no children. Education: High School. Work: factory worker. Describes herself: white complexion, simple, responsible, caring, friendly. She does not smoke or drink. Likes: cooking, foods. Dislikes: bad habits and attitudes, selfish. Hobbies: cooking, gardening, beaches, movies, music. Seeking a good man who is about 30-45 years old and is responsible, loving, honest, friendly. Prefers a Catholic man who does not smoke or drink. Cebu.

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Julieta D. Albino, Born 5-29-1981, Height 5'3", Weight 120 lbs., Zodiac: gemini, single. Education: College: BS in Industrial Education, major in Technology and Home Economics. Describes herself: long black hair, brown complexion. I passed my licensure exam for teacher and applying for teaching: elementary or secondary level. Likes: responsible and kind. Dislikes: dishonest and unfaithful. Seeking a good man who is about 40-60 years old. Leyte

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Marivic (Maria) Baquiran, Born Jan. 19, 1980: Height 4'11"; Weight 45 kilos; Roman Catholic; single, never married, no children; High School Graduate, and a vocational course in cosmetology; employed as a housekeeper, and also as a hairdresser. Maria describes herself as cute, simple, and having a fair complexion. She does not smoke or drink. She likes playing volleyball games and cooking. Her dislikes are people who smoke or drink. Maria's hobbies are cooking and writing. She is seeking a man between the ages of 45 to 70 years of age. He should be a Christian, and be someone who is true and serious, and also someone who wants to fall in love and get married. She wants a man who will get married in the Philippines, and who will live with her in Cebu, and a man who has no vices.Her comment is, "I don't like a man who does not follow filipino traditions and culture. Engagement first (no sex), and then marriage before sexual relations. I like Bible believers with no vices,...true and sincere with me, with clean man, one woman...not cheaters...not a playboy...of course with good character and morals...and especially, I want a respectful man. This is my second time to publish here cause I don't like the first man who met me here....he is a playboy." Cebu

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Jona C. Lumaad, Born December 26, 1980; Height 5'2"; Weight unknown; religion is Philippine Independent Catholic Church; single mother, never married, one daughter (one year old in early 2010); College Graduate with Associates Degree in Nursing; employed in a Provencial Hospital. She describes herself as loving, caring, thoughtful, understanding, simple, romantic, and a black beauty with fair, brown skin, and measurements of 34-27-36. She says she has kissable lip, and she is ready to get married, and live abroad with her new husband and beloved daughter. She did not comment on smoking or drinking. She says that she puts no age limit on any man who wishes to know her. She wishes to meet a man who is honest, intelligent, loving, caring, understanding, and romantic. She wants to meet a man who will accept her for who she is, and who will be a good father to her daughter. She is looking for a lifetime partner. She says she will be a good and responsible wife and mother. Biliran

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